Benru Ramesis


I find it hard to write a proper eulogy to that one mentor that influenced me the most upon discovering my freethinking tendencies. Perhaps because words will never be enough. And we started our friendship on the wrong foot. There. I let it out. And I will never forget the times when he stood up for me. Maybe because he already had this perception that I am just a few “paligo” (showers) away from being an atheist. Except that I never left God. Freedom of religion, baby!

Screenie from Facebook.

And so I chose to share one of the poems that could have given us an idea of what would happen. Except that I, personally, would refuse to acknowledge it as long as my beloved Master Benru lived. Foreshadowing? Maybe. But looking back, you’d find it morbid if you’ve been very, very close to Master Benru Ramesis.

Ramesis, Benru. 21 September 2016


You did asked me of your Eulogy
What about your Anthology?
Shall i make it in Rhapsody?
Or a little bit of Mythology?
Do you know what it means to me?
Dearest, its killing me softly…
Yes, its killing me gently,
and its draining me slowly…..

I know your deepest thoughts
I know your deepest regrets,
I even know your deepest secrets,
I feel your saddest feelings
And I feel your miseries
Thats the way it is….

Perflexly, there is one thing
I realized in this finite life,
The mystery of Memories and Time…
Memories are the only tangible things
That cannot be steal…
Nor cannot be robbed…

Every tangible things can be returned,
Every material things can be spoiled,
But not Time and Memories…
For it was decreed by the gods
When Cronus designed Time
And Morpheus created Memories,
They are meant to be treasured
In the heart, in mind, and in realm.

As for you my bestfriend,
Thank you for the memories..
Like time, its a mystery…
Unfathomable, unreachable, unsearchable…
Wonderfully enigmatic!
Can only be crafted by a caring heart.

Together, we soared high in heavens
With the wings of Icarus,
With the claws of his might,
With the sharpness of his eyes
There was no heights nor depths
We have not reached….

In our hearts,
We played the lyre of Orpheus,
We sing the sounds of Liberty,
We rhyme the tune of his melody
We listen to the hymn of his destiny…
We blew his flute in harmony…

Hand in hand,
We explored the world of Homer,
The ancient scriptures
The old wisdom of past,
No books nor knowledge
We have not shared….
We have not read and deciphered…

We are the witnesss of Daedelus
In the labyrinth of his works,
In the beginning of his design,
When he conceived his plans,
For we are one in Spirit
One in soul, one in belief,
One in ultimate purpose…

I know its not yet the end
We are meant to succeed!
Triumph is in our blood!
And victory is in our heart!
With our multi layered dreams…
Guided by the Wisdom of Sophia
We will certainly overcome,
We will succeed!

For memories are infinite,
Eternal and everlasting…
Memories are realities ,
Captured in eternities……

Gentle Force

[Facebook post to Rekindle PH (FB Group)]


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