Temple of Leah

Ranting & Rambling

So I visited this place in Cebu that’s been really popular these past few weeks. Thought it’d be interesting to feature it on my blog so I could help inform more people where it is and what it’s all about. Some might refer to it as the Cebu version of Bacolod’s The Ruins and some might not even understand what the purpose of the place is. So to help educate and spread the word, we’re going to be taking a look at one of Cebu’s most recent attractions, The Temple of Leah.

First of all, how to get there. You need to make your way to Busay. it’s up in the mountains. Just ask the locals. You’ll most likely start off from JY Square and make your way up passing by Cosmopolitan, Marco Polo and Chateau De Busay. After Chateau, it should be pretty nearby. Once you make the…

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