Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Compare Encantadia and Game of Thrones

Encantadia Saga

by Admin MT

I was juggling my day job and doing updates (using my mobile phone) on Encantadia Saga yesterday, when I came across tweets from certain people saying how Encantadia is nowhere near Game of Thrones.

Spare us, please.

When Mulawin first came into TV, I was ten. It was every kid’s dream to be a hero like Aguiluz or a warrior princess like Alwina. Then came Encantadia, where the magic and the universe it was built upon was so vastly big that my classmates would do their notebook compilation of the show’s characters, places, and objects during lunch break. The younger kids would role play in the streets or in the school quadrangle as if they have their ugatpaks and brilyantes of their own. It was a childhood truly memorable to any  kid like I was, something my generation can hold on to until my hair turns grey…

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