Happy New Year! Happy New Layout!

Happy New Year! Finally changed the layout of my main blog. It’s been awhile. Found some extra time to get stuff in this blog fixed after realizing how much whitespace protruded on the former layout. Must have been one of the downsides of having an almost abandoned blog. I got preoccupied with my other writing jobs. So now that I’ve found time to rearrange stuff in my main WordPress blog, I took the chance.

2013-01-04 22.53.31

Everyone else had been posting “New Year, New Me” Facebook statuses. As usual, I’d go the opposite route and not post any. I don’t know. Must have been the mindset that gets people thinking about things to change simply because the year has changed. I only change whenever I feel like it. New me? Maybe. My friends have been bugging me to change some things in me that may or may not be that obvious.

What has happened ever since I last blogged? I now provide content for several websites. Much of my time is poured on The Philippines Web, Audiciones Dot Net and iChill Theater Cafe blog. There are more but most of the stuff I post lately are in those blogs. So I make sure to mention them to my students whenever I teach.

Yes, I now teach. I am a part-time college professor at Dominican College of Tarlac. Most friends that I have in Metro Manila are surprised that I am actually from Capas, Tarlac. I teach subjects that are related to my pre-law course and my law degree. Hopefully it would be the kind of exposure that would hammer the lessons right through my head come next Bar Exams. Then again, I enjoy teaching because it is a convenient excuse to stand up in front and talk all I want. Just give me a bottle of water and I would keep talking.



I try what I can to stay in topic. I try to keep a balance between theory and practice. And teaching also confirmed most of my friends’ hunch. That I am weird. Speaking in front of a crowd is one of the biggest fears of people today. Why? Because it is so scary to commit mistakes. If you are somewhat neurotically conscious of the way you talk, then expect your fear of public speaking to be aggravated. I should know. I had to convince my students to speak in front for their public speaking class. As for me, my problems are extreme. Either my lisp resurfaces or I end up speaking English with a pseudo-British accent.

Now how the hell did I end up with that British accent? I don’t think it’s because I have watched too many British films and TV series. In fact I am more inclined to watch Hollywood fare including the arthouse types. But my Americanized English seeps out of my writing once in a while. Not with the way I talk. And now my pseudo-British accent ended up becoming an antidote to my lisp.

The lisp is still there. There are times whenever I am lecturing and my students didn’t get what I said. I end up saying it again and again (not more than 3 times) knowing my lisp affected my pronunciation. But every time I deliver a sampler to my class regarding public speaking lessons or cold reading exercises, I end up speaking (again) with a British accent.


Anyway, so much about my British accent. My current fascination into marketing lessons online quite affected the way I teach. I don’t feel like teaching for the sake of teaching anymore. And I realize that when I started teaching some Marketing lessons by accident. Think of it as a subject falling on my lap because I had units matching the course.

Students will not study about something even if you threaten them with a failing mark unless you make them understand why are you studying it. In the same vein as why I don’t understand why I study trigonometry when my major subject (Bachelor of Arts in Political Science), I then have to explain to my students why they have to study Marketing. Because they will get into jobs that would require them to know what does the market want. How will you know what to sell when you don’t know what does the market want? In a nutshell, it’s not just about your passion or following your heart. If you can match your passion with what is in demand in the market today, then you have the slightest idea about marketing.


Fast forward to today and I am just a few days away from the Midterm Period of the Second Semester. I don’t teach Marketing anymore. But I still teach Marketing majors. This time I teach them Partnership and Corporation. It’s about teaching them business laws and good practices based on the book provided. Other subjects I am tasked to teach are Laws about Sales, Agency and Credit Transaction and, by some twist of fate, World Literature. Quite a packed semester, to be honest.

I look forward to a productive year. I know it sounds cliche by now. But self-talk is essential when you want more things to be done. I hope that being busy meant accomplishing more instead of doing more. It’s easy to claim that you are busy. Then you turn around and see that among all the things that kept you preoccupied through the day, none of them is finished. Why? Because you are not yet done with one task, you have started on another. Hopefully this year, there would be less of that.


By the way, do me a favor. Like my Facebook page, Writing Jing. I post most of the articles I provided on other websites there too. Some of the random musings I have on my main WordPress blog get posted there too. Thanks for reading.


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