Marketing Stuff: Finding My Way Back to Blogging About Marketing Again

Just lost a deal with what could have been a long term job for me online. Perhaps because I gave myself too much leeway for my passions. It’s tough. But I know eventually I will be facing the inconvenience of facing my fears about relaunching my business.

What went wrong with my path to financial independence? It was a relatively bumpy ride towards my goal. And I have to admit that it started with how I treated my finances – quite bad enough to realize that I don’t have enough money to spend on my affiliate program. I had a few reseller programs that I have joined in the past – one I am allowed to mention while the other I am not (just take a wild guess). So between maintaining the affiliate blog and trying to find a decent livelihood to at least earn some cash, I went with the latter.

It wasn’t so worth it and I might derail if I end up telling everything here. But I make it a point to still blog for the sake of building my reputation as a writer. I still see myself writing a book one day. So now I am back to blogging not just for the sake of getting paid but for discussing things that I like.

I must say that I am starting to capture an audience from language learning via Dulaboo to humanism via Humanist Alliance Philippines International (HAPI) to opera reviews via I must have been making a dent out of my writings already. But of course, it would still be a lot better if I get paid. So if ever I have accounts on Weebly and WordPress, it’s only just fair. I need to prove to everyone what am I capable of doing. Eventually I will need to write about technical stuff. I found a few willing to hire me to write it (I can’t say what yet) after I receive a decent amount of education.

I don’t want to limit my articles to the marketing stuff that I used to discuss at length from Empower Network. I don’t know yet anyway when do I see myself writing for them again (sorry, Double Dave). But I really appreciate everything I learned from there through osmosis. I realized that while everyone is marketing whatever they are allowed to sell, not everyone is doing it right.

Everyone has a product or service to share but only a few know how to pitch it right. Perhaps because they haven’t learned the marketing or business side of their creativity. There are a lot of artists, craftsmen and (okay, I will mention this) celebrities that can’t pitch themselves right. It reminds me of a cute advice that I heard from Marie Forleo from her YouTube channel about describing what you do.

Okay so here goes. You come to a party and then you meet people that seem interested in you. Of course they would be interested in what you do as well. If you say “I am an actor”, the conventional follow-up question would be “Oh really? What projects have you been into lately?” Now the really interested individuals would answer “Really? Perfect. I am into this project and we are in need of actors. Do you have a card?”

Card? What card? There we go. Some of you may not view the entertainment industry yet as a business that even actors and actresses themselves would eventually handle as producers. But a portfolio through a business card or a website would give like-minded individuals the idea that you are a professional. Sadly, some celebrities remain celebrities and not artists because they don’t take their craft seriously enough to learn how to market it.

Have I introduced myself as a writer to some folks that I just met? No but I remember getting into a gig for Kuya Manzano and him introducing me as a writer. I mean don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I am not proud of what I do. But here in the Philippines, some folks would view me as someone that has written in a book or from a major publication. I am neither and truth be told, some of the paid jobs I ended up with as ghost-writing jobs. At least I got paid but I don’t have proof that I wrote them. I guess that’s what I really got paid for.

But not that I can manage to tell people that I am a home-based writer. Maybe because I have reached a level of exposure. Some folks have seen what I can do and the only complaint that I remember receiving is writing an article that went too long. Then again there are topics that are easy to write anyway that can fit the 500-word-count parameter.

I need to strike a balance between things that I like to write and things that need a writer for plugging reasons. Everyone has a product to sell now but not everyone is capable of selling it nor are they equipped of selling it the right way. I am looking at you, MLMers. The way you sell your “business opportunity” is as shady as promoting yourself as a legitimate businessman. And you can go return that wad of cash that you used to deceive your prospects into believing that you really earned that much.

Don’t worry, I won’t be too hard on you. I’ve been in MLM’s before but when you notice that it’s more about “producing leaders” than marketing the products based on benefits reaped, you really need to think long and hard about getting business done. While I appreciate the goal of  “producing leaders”, you can’t help but notice that it is more about encouraging the bulk sales of products whether the downline folks can market them appropriately or not. There is training but most downlines receive a half-assed version of it. It’s in contrast to what they say regarding that you don’t need much experience in training. Some of my succeeding articles would try analyzing that in depth.

How can I apply marketing in my other passions like the performing arts? The moment you noticed how some press release materials and websites have mixed advertising and marketing well into self-promotion (like actors and actresses pitching their services through their website), you will realize how only a handful knew how to put a professional spin to their services. Soon it will no longer be a cheesy way to admit what you really do for a living – acting, singing, entertaining, etc. Eventually this would be the same thing with plugging other services with the help of a website. If anything can be marketed, it usually starts with a website.

And I plan to analyze some websites, companies and even people in the entertainment industry if they are pitching their wares right. Even charitable institutions, regardless of reputation, still end up collecting donations and you really have to see what are they doing right in order to keep the funds rolling in. What more if you’re offering a legitimate charity, product or service?

That would be all for now. I still end up getting occasionally overwhelmed with all this information. It’s just a matter of streamlining activities appropriately that make the difference. You can also keep touch with the things I am doing by liking my marketing page, Purple Thunder Solutions. Thanks for reading.


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